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Vegan CBD-infused 100% Botanical Exfoliating AHA Gel Mask.  100% Natural Botanical Exfoliating Gel infused with 500mg/jar (290mg/oz.) THC-Free, Full Flower Liposomal CBD/Hemp Hydro or Oil.  Botanical exfoliating gel features an 8% Alpha Hydroxy Blend of 5 natural plant extracts; blueberry, sugarcane, orange, lemon, and sugar maple that contain 4 alpha-hydroxy acids. Non-comedogenic, Will not clog pores.

Alpha Hydroxy Blend Benefits:

• Excellent exfoliant shedding off the outermost layer of skin cells (corneocytes)

• Has good effectiveness against blemished skin

• Has good anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects.

 Pyrus Malus (Apple) fruit water Benefits:

Has moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing properties

Has been found to stimulate growth of human skin keratinocytes in in-vitro-studies

Certified natural by COSMOS/ECOCERT and NPA

Key Ingredients:  5 botanical extracts; blueberry, sugarcane, orange fruit, lemon fruit, and sugar maple that contain 4 alpha-hydroxy acids, 500mg/jar (290mg/oz) THC-Free, Full Flower Liposomal (CBD/Hemp Hydro or Oil), Proprietary Terpene Blend, Apple Fruit Water

SizeChoose an option1.7oz (50ml) Unlabeled1.7oz (50ml) Your Brand/Labeled1.7oz. (50ml) CLIENT BRANDED w/ BOX10ml Jar SAMPLE4.1oz (120ml) BACKBAR128oz GALLON

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