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Vegan CBD-infused Retinol-Samphira Serum A trio of actives; high dose Retinol Moist, Samphira Wax (botanical retinol alternative) and Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin A (retinol formulated to improve skin penetration), work together to provide collagen building, wrinkle eradicating, tone correcting, texture refining, skin thickening and pore tightening. These elite, clinically proven actives stimulate cellular renewal by easing the elimination of excess cornified cell masses (increase skin cell turn-over) and by reducing their adherence, ultimately uncovering new fresh, new skin, easing wrinkles, fine lines, and harmonizing the complexion. Improves the overall quality of the epidermis without irritating the skin with regular PM use (3-4 months). Non-comedogenic, Will not clog pores.

Active Benefits:

Clinically Proven anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties

Liposomes protect vitamin A (retinol) in serum from undesirable degradation and loss of function

Liposomes enable delivery of a high concentration of pure retinol (> 3,000,000 IU/g) to the deeper skin layers due to easy skin penetration and provide sustained activity.

Retinol Moist provides superior results with little or no skin irritation and redness (even for sensitive skin)

Key Ingredients: Retinol Moist, Liposome Encapsulated Retinol, Samphira (retinol alternative), Skin White Ascutin, L-Carnosine, Niacinamide, 500mg/oz. THC-Free, Full-Flower Liposomal CBD/Hemp Nanoemulsion (COA EXAMPLE), Proprietary Terpene Blend, Multi-weight Hyaluronic (Sodium Hyaluronate)


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